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Jacob Miller Ranked #10 Reggae Christmas Song of All time by @Largeupdotcom

If you ever search for reggae Christmas music online, you’ll probably find your way to the YouTube channel of Rasta Claus85. The enigmatic poster has gathered what must certainly be the largest collection of holiday-themed reggae tunes anywhere, from Jacob Miller’s conscious Christmas classics to obscurities by artists we’ve never even heard of. We had Mr. Claus dig deep into his red, gold and green bag, to gift us with the 10 greatest reggae Christmas tunes of all-time.

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Inner Circle and MMG’s Magazeen Unite Two Generations of Reggae

Ian Lewis of Inner Circle (Bad Boys) and Magazeen of Maybach Music Group (MMG) represent two distinct generations of Reggae. So, uniting them at the studio hotspot, Circle House, in Miami, Florida, was bound to create an idea exchange of massive Dancehall proportions.

And it did, as the two traded thoughts on what has become of Reggae in recent times, and what can be done to help boost its popularity. According to Ian, the culture switch happened as Jamaicans began to take an interest in the foreign market that is Hip-Hop.

“Hip-Hop went and got bigger than Dancehall and flopped Dancehall. It’s because Jamaican people love foreign things. Hip-Hop has Lil Wayne; Drake is getting bigger and bigger,” Ian observed. “You can’t be one dimensional. What do you think [Vybz] Kartel does? Kartel [sees] how Puffy and them do it, Jay-Z and them do it, and he realizes music is only 50 percent of what makes you an artist.”

In essence, the conversation about successful Reggae artistry came down to longevity, with Bob Marley still reigning as the number one selling artist in the history of Reggae music.

Magazeen, the lead Reggae artist for Rick Ross’ Caribbean music imprint, Maybach Jamaica, spoke on keeping his music appealing for the masses: “That’s why as a writer, an artist, and composer, you have to write different types of music if you want to keep abroad.” He also noted, “It comes back to your penmanship and creativity.”

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2 Generations of Reggae Come Together: Inner Circle and Magazeen Special Appearance by Pharrell Williams

Exclusive by Mikey T The Movie Star of ’2 Generations of Reggae’ come together Ian Lewis of Inner Circle & Magazeen of Maybach Music Group speak on the culture of Reggae Music , what has become of it and what can be done to help Special Thanks to Circle House Studios & Pharrell Williams

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