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Reggae Wave TV Recaps Marley “3 Little Birds” & Pressure Buss Pipe Exclusive Interview

{Directed & Edited} by @1stClassFilms

This episode of Reggae Wave TV, Lance-O catches up with Pressure Buss Pipe to talk about his new single “Virgin Island Nice” and his album release party at Jazzid. Also Lance-O also shows footage of Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds” play in New York -
-Stay tuned for part 2 of Daniel Marley’s exclusive interview on Reggae Wave TV.

New Super Food? DeJaFrut’s all natural sorbet!

Food was left struggling to find words to describe DeJaFrut’s all-natural sorbets. From the black cherry, coconut, hibiscus tea (sorrel), key lime, mango and our personal favorite, the pineapple, their sorbets are incredibly rich and deceptively creamy.

The frozen dessert made from sweetened water flavoured with fruit is dense and even in texture, and is made by slowly freezing down the ingredients while churning them constantly to create an even, consistent texture. DeJaFrut’s all-natural sorbets puts a tropical spin on Italian ice with local fruits that are mostly sourced from the parishes of St Elizabeth, St Mary, and St Thomas. Read more